About Us

GEC Energy Solutions is a fully owned Nigerian international company. It is positioned to deliver quality and unparallel innovative solutions in the exploration value chain of the energy industry in Nigeria and the sub-sahara.

In June 2007 Global Energy Company unbundled its exploration services unit into GEC Energy Solutions, a limited liability company. It has hitherto evolved as an authority in the geology of the Gulf of Guinea, having undertaken specialized and integrated high-resolution biostratigraphic, sedimentological, and geochemical studies of over 150 wells in various sedimentary basins, 51 of which are in the Deep Offshore Gulf of Guinea.

GEC Energy Solutions is also very active in front-end exploration activities using a combination of physical oceanographic studies and surface geochemical exploration program to assess the hydrocarbon potentials and prospects of frontier basins.

The company provides unique strategic outsourcing solutions through the maintenance of the largest sample storage center in Nigeria and assisting major operators with the management of exploration data and samples.

GEC Energy Solutions has been in the forefront of providing environmental impact assessment, environmental management plans and waste management programs for major E&P field development and decommissioning projects.

The company maintains tenured, highly dedicated, motivated and experienced staffs who deliver industry-wide and company specific courses and training. This interactive and practical oriented courses and trainings are tailored to meet the challenges of the clients and the industry.

The company also retains a database of highly specialized, experienced and skilled indigenous and foreign personnel from which it provides strategic outsourcing in staff recruitment and placement to the major operators.

GEC Energy Solutions prides itself as a top quality service provider with high safety, environment and community relations track record. The company is committed to the sustainable development of Africa's energy resources, technology adaptation, local capacity building, environmental and social responsibilities.